Hoop Dreams

Tonight one of my coworkers invited me to go play some pick up basketball with him after work. In my mind I thought “I’m about to go murder these dudes on the court” haha. I wasn’t expecting the environment tho. We get there and it’s already dark. It’s about 20 different courts and all of them are full with people playing and having fun. He sees the guys we supposed to play with and he introduced me. Let’s back track, since it’s dark outside this is the first time everybody is not stareing at me. I’m just one of the guys it feels like. But that quickly changed. So we started playing 4 on 4 half court, and I kid you not I did the same layup at least 86 times. Nobody speaks English so they can’t tell me what we going to so we just keep playing. I’m up to like 100 points by now WITH THE SAME LAYUP haha. I stop to drink some water and I see we have gained a crowd around the court. People have they phones out recording and the next thing I know the lights pop on. Some guys challenge us to a 5 on 5 game so we play. The crowd goes bigger and bigger as they watch me DO THE SAME LAYUP over and over haha. The next thing I know everybody in the park has stopped playing and is watching our game. It was like I was at The Rucker or something. It was people cheering, running on the court after a good play. It’s the closest I will ever get to playing in a real game with fans screaming. I soaked it all in because I know I will probably never get that feeling again. After I score for like the 500th time I untie my shoes and tell them I’m done cause they would of played all night. They didn’t even know what the score was haha, they just wanted to play with me. It was a dope experience that I wish I captured on my phone but I left my phone in the car because it was too many people at the park, didn’t want my phone to get stolen ( I’m from Little Rock haha ). Man I’m gone be able to tell my kids about this one day, and they won’t even believe me haha.


T|T Elite 🦁📍1FD8807A-8065-48F0-9618-868E02AAD8A9.jpeg

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