Zhengzhou, China 🇨🇳

I went site seeing today. Traded in my bicycle for some better wheels ( see picture below ) This is a very beautiful place. I didn’t know what anything was but it was beautiful to look at. The people here are so friendly, everytime I go out everybody wants to take pictures with me and even watch me eat. They love the way I struggle with the chopsticks. Everybody laughs and records me. I’m glad they don’t have Facebook and Instagram out here haha. But it’s cool and everybody is so helpful, google translator allows  me to ask questions and everybody has welcomed me with open arms. I really don’t think they’ve seen a African American with a beard before. When I walk pass everybody just stares, then I say “hello” and that stare quickly turns into a smile and wave back. On my site seeing adventure today they only thing I recognized was KFC , McDonalds and Starbucks. Hoping to your some other cities while I’m here. I will keep you posted.


T|T Elite 🦁📍

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