Christmas 1994 ish…

I’ve told this story a million times but I don’t even know if all the parts are true because it’s hard to remember back that far, but here it goes haha. I always tell people I started playing basketball at 5. At least I think that’s when it was. But let’s just say it was. When I was 5 the the year had to be 1994. Christmas Day we are living on 12th street in Little Rock, Ar. We open all our gifts and begin to play with them. Then my mom pulls a big box from behind the couch, I didn’t even know what it was but as a kid you see a big a box and you instantly want to know what’s inside. I saw the picture on the front of the box but still didn’t quite understand what it was. Then we opened it and it was a whole bunch of parts. I wasn’t even interested anymore. My uncle and brother put it up that same day or even the next day. Once it was up I still wasn’t impressed but my uncle and brothers were playing with it so I might as well play with whatever this is right? I remember me and my little brother outside in our reversible coats that had orange on one side and yellow on the other, we  looked light miniature highlighters haha. We would throw the ball at this big contraption for hours, still not fully understanding how to play. That’s where I fell in love with basketball. That Christmas changed my life forever. I don’t think I went a day since the without either playing basketball, watching basketball or something basketball related. Because of that Christmas gift it helped me finesse two college degrees, a paid trip to Belize, a free ticket to Morocco and a paid trip to China. Yep basketball has done a lot for me and it would of never happened if my mom didn’t buy us that basketball goal in 1994.


T|T Elite 🦁📍EC1CE33E-9457-4B39-A3A0-B666C8AA68B9

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