Coming to China was the best decision for me, but it definitely wasn’t a easy decision. On one hand it was a free plane ticket and a nice salary to coach the game I love. But on the other hand it was on the other side of the world and I would have to coach with a strong language barrier. What also made the decision tough was that I got offered four college coaching jobs this summer. That’s what I’ve been grinding for, for the past three years. I went back and fourth with the decision but ultimately the chance to see China for free was too good to pass up. I also felt like I can make a impact on these kids more, because they are so young and the only basketball knowledge they will have is what I teach them. It’s also helping me be a better coach because they don’t understand a word I’m saying, so I have to do a lot more demonstrating than talking. That’s is going to help me when I do make the jump to college coaching. If it’s Chinese kids, Belize kids or American kids they all learn by what they see not by what they hear. Before classes I have my headphones in while I work on some dribble moves on one end of the court , I look to the other end of the court and I see all the boys trying to do the same moves I do. Since I know they are watching I do a couple of euro steps. I laugh when I see them fail at attempting that haha. But that’s the impact I’m having here. The kids and even the adults want to do what I do even tho I can’t talk to them, they are watching, they are learning. They just don’t know I’m learning from them too.


T|T Elite 🦁📍

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