Coach T Adventures

Hey what’s up guys? I haven’t wrote a article on here in a while because I’v been busy enjoying this wonderful city I’m living in. Zhengzhou, China is bigger than I thought, and getting lost is the best thing you can do when your in a new place. You discover so much more things when you get lost. You can also remember places better once you get lost. I’m much more comfortable riding cabs now than I was when I got here. ( Cab drivers drive crazy ). I been on a different adventure everyday , sometimes I have so much fun that I forget to take a picture. But this place is beautiful and friendly, so I see why so many Americans come here and stay for so long. I meet an American yesterday that been here for 10 years! Hopefully I can bring my family out here when I get more established. I’m going to Hong Kong next week so more pictures will be coming soon. Thanks for reading my articles. I will try to keep them up to date, but if I don’t just know I’m just enjoying the beautiful country I currently live in.

T|T Elite 🦁📍

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